Previous Projects:

Informatics projects that deal with collecting, managing and analyzing bioinformatics, biological data, biomedical data, clinical data and health-care data. Database design, development and programming; data reporting, Administration of bioinformatics and clinical database management, Oracle clinical and various other clinical database management system. Participate in Data Management Life Cycle; evaluating database and data analysis software; maintain data quality and security.

1. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey: Bioinformatics and IT support.

2. ICRISAT: Setup of Bioinformatics platform on High Performance RedHat Linux Cluster (GRID); Crop genomic and genetics data integration. SNP prediction tool on Linux cluster.

3. MPI: MAMEP Database: Gene expression data on whole-mount mid-gestation mouse embryos; Genome sequence analaysis.

4. Monsanto R &D : Involved in Genome Knowledge Base (GKEP) development; Sequence annotation, data integration and other Bioinformatics and IT projects.

5. Bioinformatics, IISc: In-depth gene sequence analysis such as SNP prediction, structure and function prediction at sequence level, multiple alignment, profile analysis, motif detection, protein and RNA secondary structure prediction and phylogenetic analysis; managing and integrating complex databases of biological sequence, literature and structural information.

During 1990-1999 provided informal training to young IT and Bioinformaticians, large scale sequence data analysis and basic computer training to several hundred biologists (campus, off-campus and other universities/research centers) .

• Genomic sequence of physalis mottle virus and its  evolutionary relationship with other other tymoviruses.
• Comparative Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequence Analysis of the Sequence Specific RNA-Binding Rotavirus Non-structural Protein NSP3.
• Antigenic variation in foot-and-mouth disease serotype’O’ in field outbreaks between 1990 and 1994

6. Tata Tea R &D : Large scale micropropagation of plantation crops and field data collection.

P. Elango